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HTML5, Javascript & CSS3 – The “Basic” language of Web Developers

September 10, 2011

As it stands today, the web developer needs to know HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 like the back of their hand. With all the hype, such open standards developers are experiencing what Flash Developers experienced in 2004, and the know how, tip and tricks that would accumulate years after.

However, now it is something that Adobe would resolve very easily with the help of two different tools “Muse” and “Edge”. Makes you wonder why not have Flash CSx/Flex just export to HTML5/JS/CSS3? Could we be surprised?

Unlike the Dreamweaver, Muse is a tool which designers do not have to worry about a single line of code, and it comes out to be compatible with all the popular browsers, while taking advantage of CSS3 and HTML5 where possible. Currently, Muse is already in a Free beta version which can be downloaded from Adobe Labs, so you can test drive for free right up to the crisp version is released in early 2012 as predicted by Adobe.

In the short time, you can try out Muse, it is said that the interface of Muse is very pleasant to work with and you are used to work with Adobe design applications, it goes pretty fast to get into the workflow. In addition, you can use all the regular tools such as working with templates and style sheets in a manner similar to the “Indesign” product.

In addition to Muse, Adobe has developed a “Flash killer” tool known as “Adobe Edge” as they themselves say that Flash and Edge are complementary. The main goal of developing such an enhanced tool is to allow designers to produce animated content in websites, web games, animated banner ads in a manner similar to Flash, but based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Edge is an ideal tool for visual, web and interaction designers who wish to stimulate their content for the web with various movement and transitions. Basically, Edge is developed primarily by focusing on animation and motion. Adobe Edge Preview is allows you to add the graphics that are produced using the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop to form new and appealing graphics. It also allows you to open the HTML documents created using the CSS.

Technologies such as JavaScript, JSON, HTML, HTML5, CSS, web graphics including SVG, jQuery-based animation framework are supported in Adobe Edge Preview. Just as Muse, Adobe Edge is also free to download until the crisp version is released.


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