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Test on Nexus One: Flash 10.1 has Higher Frame Rate & Consumes less Battery Than HTML5

May 5, 2011

It’s been a while I haven’t posted, but our company has been trying to figure out how to build a new mobile app that would encompass the most number of mobiles. If we would do it Natively or WebBased, HTML5 would cover almost all browsers, including natively with the help of many third party wrappers. Another option was doing Flex Mobile Apps, so it would encompass all iOS, Android and Blackberry that’s about 92% of mobiles today.

So we decided to do a test:

On a Nexus One, Flash 10.1 consumes Half the battery of what HTML5 can do. Not to mention, the experience of animations in HTML5 is jittery, very obvious to a sharp Flash developer.

Funny enough, Chris Black has done a similar test with very similar results.


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  1. jookyone permalink

    This would be more relevant if you posted code, methods, and results.

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