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Connecting to an AMF3 backend with AMFPHP and Flex

December 7, 2009
Ever tried populating a Datagrid with about 4000 rows of complex objects (10 key/values each).
Thats a lot to convert from XML to Actionscript Objects; Even yet, you shouldn’t blame your browser if it crashes.
James Ward has given a perfect example of the speed differences between XML, JSON and AMF.
It’s pretty and easy to connect to an AMFPHP back end. The advantages of this are many, one of them is the size of the data itself, AMF sends ByteArray data, plus, there is no need to convert XML nodes into Objects, AMFPHP hands them to you as objects!

private var _gatewaySitesDD:NetConnection = new NetConnection();                   // create a NetConnection
private var _responser:Responder = new Responder(onResultSitesCB, onFault);        // create a responder for the NetConnection
_gatewaySitesDD.connect(""); // php gateway URL"AMF3Query.query", _responser, "name=lookup_sites");          //, responder:Responder, ... arguments)

private function onResultSitesCB(response:Object):void {
   trace ("Result received");
   siteData = response as Array;  // See that! Returns them as Array, as in Array of Objects!

private function onFault(response:Object):void {
   trace ("Error receiving data);


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