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Flash Camp: San Francisco – Flash CS4

October 11, 2008

We’re in day 2 of Flash Camp located at the historic Adobe building in San Francisco.

Adobe kindly gave every attendee a pre-release of Flash CS4, and I have admit, after a quick overview, they have added really cool features!

The first thing you’d notice is the tools locations have changed, the tools are fixed in place (with option to move around), some liked it and prefered it to the loosely moveable tool sets. Another feature that certainly stands out is the ‘Bone’ tool. Briefly, it’s an arm where you can hook two movieclips and use one of them as rotational center with the radius length of the bone. You can add several movieclips connected by bones.

You also will be greeted by the 3D tool (in design view), from the look of it – it looks extreemly easy to use! I feel any neophyte will be able to do 3D stuff pretty quickly (having Flex as the backbone of most of my applications I don’t see much use for it out of the designing world).

Oh, and get this, Adobe has Free Massage for any attendee; They sure do know how to pamper developers!


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  1. I attended FlashCamp. I released a copy of the source code for a Flex application I wrote, which turned the three-d objects Flash 10 feature demo into a game. Well over 100 attendees had a great time meeting each other, and collaborating on over 30 submissions to the contest. I was one of the judges (so my app was disqualified), and we had a difficult time selecting among the incredible entrants in the contest. You can see my blog article for my notes I was taking duirng the Flash camp, and links to some other blogs about it.

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